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The Closest We'll Get to Flying

Playing "Mars", Lead

Releasing TBD - post prod.

When a childhood friend comes to visit Mars, she is forced to investigate her self expression, sexuality and identity.


Still Life

Playing "Michelle", Lead

Releasing TBD - post prod.

When an apartment fire broke out, Michelle lost all of her artwork and the use of her hands. Now with no purpose in life, Michelle lives day by day in Anguish. Close friend and former neighbor, David, tries to rekindle her passion for art by tempting her to start painting again.


We The People

Playing "Katie Berkeley"

Releasing Oct '22 - post prod.

Streaming on Fox, CBS & Justice Channel TV!


Personalized Futures

Playing "Kate", Lead

Releasing TBD - post prod.

“Personalized Futures” is a coming of age story that explores how modern-day pressures to conform to certain career paths end up impeding individual self-expression, and what is the cost in the long run of this business-driven world. 



Playing "Linda", Supporting

Releasing TBD 2022 - post prod.

When Maria is triggered by the depressing events unfolding in her life, she's driven back into her crippling disease. Will she be able to once again hop on the wagon, or will her ride be over forever?

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